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If the Soho People's Square Youth Hostel is the modern girl of1940s,which is exceedingly charmingand fascinating , with Shanghai’sdelicacyand tasteof petty bourgeoisie
 Then the Soho bund Youth Hostel is the different girl full of vigor and fantasy, with a real-life atmosphere together with an international style.
the former makes time solid the footsteps of time, so we can take a sip of the delicate old timing.
While the latter can make us calm down to enjoy life and feel the rhythm of the city .
Sohobund Youth Hostel, contracted but not simple with a style , fantastic as well as romantic colorful floor by floor.
Pink and tan construct a fresh and dreamful LOFT hall on the first floor.
And green reflects the vitality of youth on the second floor.
Uninhibited Blue filled the third floor.
Romantic purple which comfort people extremely is on the forth floor.
When the night falls , you could take a cocktail to the balcony, enjoy the gentle breeze blowing and the Bunds neon lights flashing. A totally different Shanghai .
Only five minutes walk from the White Bridge to , wandering the Bund alone, taking the whole scene at a glance. What’s more, the People's Square, Nanjing Road, Temple, Yu Garden, Jewish refugees Memorial, 1933, Madame Tussaud's is only five minutes drive.
Travel,not only for the scenery , but  also the integration of body and mind . Slow down , feel the freshness and difference , perceive its joy and inner peace. Soho Bund , the choice of unique Shanghai and the best destination of travelling mood. .