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Soho disney hostel is located in No.471 Xinchang Street ,Xinchang ancient town,Pudong New District,,which is surrounded by the region of rivers and lakes.This hostel is the only hostel in the town.You will want to keep staying here when it comes to sharing the interesting stories during your travel,walking on the flagging road and enjoying the passion of youth.
  Xinchang was built at the South Song ,the second year of Janyan(the Christian era1128).It is named"Xinchang "because of the Xiasha saltwork moved to the south to build a new saltwork.It is named as the forth "Historic Towns of China"in 2008,and"the first batch of Shanghai cultural industry park"in 2009.It is also the National AAA level scenic spots.
 The ancient city now still preserves 15000㎡ ancient buildings,1200 meters' stone revetments of Yuan,Ming ,Qing era.And 69 ancient gates,about 100 ancient houses.The gable walls and the alleys are shaped as a picture of "high mountains and the empty alleys".Hongqiao river,Baoqiao river,Houshi river and Dongheng river  are crossed together.Xinchang street goes through this town which preserves the original shape of "gui ".There are 70 bridges of all kinds above the river,among them,the number of ma'an bridge is 15.Most of the bridges has the wonderful pictures of "An ba xian"which stand for luck.The dwellings sat among each sides of the river which shows the unique lifestyle of the classic people who live in the region of rivers and lakes. This hostel shows up new meanings in this ancient town which set the seal on its first place when selecting hostel to live in.