Located In SuHe Creative Industrial Park

    Never thought that I'd had a close relationship with the Suzhou River, the old warehouse, life is so changing.
    Sometimes only realize the importance when it’s gone. When it’s around everyday, like architecture, the art of irresistible, you just cannot feel it.
Architecture is the art of irresistible, so that it is all too familiar and blur the line of sight, but also with the public life is closely to neglect its artistic value.
     The charm of the old building lies in the broken walls, pillars, roof,
corridor, stairs ... carrying the imprint of history on us, telling the story of the enigmatic, it have the life of the vicissitudes and dignity, will be so shocked, attracted and touched us.
    The most interesting is these new generation of modern avant-garde artists, created in the old warehouse of the Suzhou River. The special shape of these warehouse passed special information, a mysterious force, interaction with the artists.
 Blot of red brick wall, brick roof, different skylight, industrial pipes of various shapes. Precious because of their special, these new generation of modern avant-garde artists have a magic power, engender a strange imagination and enthusiasm, nostalgia and association, when they come into it, the old warehouse has been given a new life.